The sales department of a major company wanted to modernize the way it created, shared and presented quotes to its business customers.
Initial Pain Points
  • Different tools used by different sales teams.
  • Lost sales due to quality and reactivity issues.
  • Complex sales organization with barriers to collaboration between direct and indirect channels.
  • Huge time &¬†effort needed to introduce new product features, price changes and discounts in all sales channels.
what we provided
  • Management of the entire project.
  • Requirements engineering.
  • Design and prototyping of a customized app to create quotes and enable cross channel collaboration.
  • Experience validation from all stakeholders.
  • Single point of contact for the application development (supplier management, specifications, contracting, quality acceptance).
  • Training of users. Coaching of the system administrator (new line role).
Benefits for our client
  • 60% time reduction to create and manage quotes.
  • Increased effectiveness of the sales teams and cross channel collaboration.
  • Over 1'000 quotes created monthly with the new app.