Our client was in the midst of radically changing the way it carried out business with its customers (public entities in the education sector). It wanted to switch to a digital online model for all interactions and
transactions. To assure a successful switch, it needed to rethink its processes and align its organization.
Initial Pain Points
  • Uncertainty as to how current activities, roles and processes are affected by the new business model.
  • High potential for resistance from customers and internal groups.
  • Difficulty to plan future roles and resources.
  • No formal framework to improve the business and organization models continuously (agile).
what we provided
  • Modelling of the new processes and operational activities.
  • Design of the new organization structure and definition of roles.
  • Activity based resource plan (simulation).
  • Interviews with customers and internal groups to validate and improve┬áthe touchpoints & customer experience.
  • Rapid prototyping of usability improvements to online systems and processes.
  • ISO inspired framework for continuous improvement of the business and the organization. Documentation and moderation of the initial management review to validate the framework and coach managers.
Benefits for our client
  • Clear planning and change management within the organization.
  • Successful transition to the new business model.
  • Minimal resistance (internal and external) when making the transition.